The house is quiet.

Good evening all !

Christmas is almost here . I’m not ready but I’m not letting it get to me . I love Christmas time . I wish it could last everyday . I do not mean the gifts. That’s where Christmas can get all messed up . Buying this , and we have to get that . I just like people to give themselves rather than giving objects . I like to get a gift every now and then . But I like giving the best of me with acts of kindness. I think that is why I love what I do . Working with children is hard work, but well worth it .

This week has been a busy week with last minute decorations to make . I’m even going to make some myself(hehe). If any of you mamma and papas want to make some Christmas memories , go blog surfing . This lady from Mama Miss has a challenge that actually was finished today . This challenge is Twenty days of Kid made Ornaments . Get a chance and go on her sight and see the ornaments from other bloggers . I have a lot of ideas for next year . I think my little crew did a pretty good job on their ornaments . We did sparkly gingerbread men, Popsicle Christmas trees , Popsicle stick snowmen , filled empty plastic ornaments with beads and fake snow, beaded wreathes ‘, tiolet roll reindeer, Snowflakes made with Popsicle sticks ( we like Popsicle sticks), craft foam tree , milk jug mosaic ornaments, cardboard wreathes decorated with tissue paper, tinfoil and tissue paper letters , red Christmas birds, candycanes and a coffee filter angel . I have some of the pictures posted . This picture is of the craft foam tree decorated with buttons . The little blessings had to make a few extras of this one. This idea came from image


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