Having a much needed rest

Good evening!
I must say I had a great Christmas . My family was all here! That is what I wanted for Christmas was to be with my family . It is my wish for Christmas every year. What I liked this year is that all my kids were here and they got along . My kids are getting older ( I despised that ) and I cherish the times we do have together . My son is nineteen and works all the time, and the only time I see him is when he comes home at 10 pm. I’m enjoying his time off.

My younger sister that lives in Weyburn came down along with her husband and two kiddies. It is always great to see her and her family. She is doing something that caught my eye. She is doing Zentangle. I must say I now have a new addiction. I have done a few already and I fine it quite relaxing. That is what Zentangles purpose is . It is suppose to relax and calm the mind . In other words it is a fancy way of saying ” doodling” . I am quite fond if it . What I had trouble with at first was not erasing the work. It totally makes sense because you can not erase your mistakes in life , but Learn from them.

This week has been restful . I ended up not feeling well, so I had to not push myself . My husband was a blessing and did most of the shopping and did the family Christmas feast at my moms place . Those who do not know me and my husband is that my husband is the shopper and is the main cook at my house.

This Christmas my mother and sisters decided that we should wear “ugly” Christmas sweater . This is becoming quite popular where I live . I have been seeing people’s versions of their “ugly” sweaters on Facebook . I was game with this idea and went to Salvation Army thrift shop and purchased two old red sweaters . They were plain nothing special . My idea was to crochet snowman appliqués on them . I just got some leftover yarn ( I have a bit of a stash because I crochet ) and whipped some circles and sewed them on . On Christmas Eve I went to my mothers house in my “ugly” sweater and my sisters looked at me and said they were not wearing theirs cause their were not as nice . lol . Next year I will be making theirs . Personally I think they can make theirs but it does feel nice to be needed.;)Pictured below is my sweater that I did . I also did one for my daughter. Well that is all for now . I will be posting more kids activities and crafts in the New year when I get the little kiddies back . See ya later;)



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