My blog update!

Hello Everyone!
I m writing this post about how this blogging journey I started in the beginning of December 2013. I have wanted to blog on what I loved to do . I have a blog from 4 years ago,that is basically a journal of my day-to-day life. I do not post on it anymore . On this blog , it is about me being back at home and running a day home . I do have three teenage children age 19 ,18,and 15 . When people ask me what I’m doing now , I say” I am back at home running a dayhome” . They look at me strangely and say why would you do that ? Your kids are practically grown up ! Well I say ” because I love looking after children” . This is not the first time I looked after children . I started when my oldest was 10 months old and I also was 4 months pregnant with my second . I did it for almost two years and quit when we had to move out-of-town. I went back to looking after children almost two years ago . I love it!

I think being at home when your kids are teenagers is important ( I know not everyone can do this) . They need you more emotionally than when they were younger. I just wished I would have left the office sooner so my oldest could have benefitted from me being at home . Doing this blog has been gutsy because I do not know what I’m doing . I started this blog kind of prematurely. I should have at least of researched on how to blog . I am determined to figure this all out and learn as I go . Just bear with me and I will get it. This blog will have children’s activities,crafts ,recipes and thoughts of motherhood . I plan to have another post later this week !

Till next time !



Feeling the love for Valentines

Hello ūüôā
Boy a week goes by fast. We all been stuck in the house and I think we are ( mainly me lol ) getting a little bit of cabin fever . It happens when you live in Saskatchewan, Canada. Just because a person can not enjoy the great outdoors does not mean you can not have fun . I have been busy with the kiddos with different activities . This is time of year when you are seeing hearts in all shapes and sizes of pink and red. We have been doing valentines cards , paper plate heart wreath and crayon art heart wall hangings ( inspired from> Today I want to share a cute little heart wreath made out of paper plates. These will be perfect to make for a play date , or just because . Just check out how cute these are !imageThese are super simple and fun to make. I had six kiddos at my dayhome when we made these(ages 2through 6 ) and they all loved them .

Materials are :

Paper plates ( purchased mine at dollerama)
Tissue paper cut in one to two inch squares ( pink , purple and red
Tacky glue
Glue stick
Glitter glue
Jewelled hearts or gems
Hole punch and yarn or ribbon

I cut the heart shape out a head of time , but older kids can do this . Take your glue stick and put it on the paper plate and then put on the tissue paper . Do this till the heart is covered with tissue paper. Next is the glitter glue . My two yearolds could squeeze the glitter on the heart and spread it with a paint brush . Then glue on hearts ( I used Elmer’s tacky glue ) . Punch out the hole with a hole puncher and add yarn or ribbon to hang it up . That is it , easy peasy.

Till next time dear


imageHello! We did a great craft yesterday! This craft is easy and would brighten up a dull winter day .  I have seen  these snowflakes on Pinterest a lot .  They looked so pretty and cute I thought the kids would love to do them .

What we used:

coffee filters

Dabbers ( like bingo Dabbers ) we used the Dabbers because the kids love using them .


glitter glue ( this is optional , I have kids that can not do a craft without using it .  A little glitter  brightens everything up anyways )

The kids dabbed the paper heavily so the coloured bled a bit . They enjoyed when the colours mixed together . To get a more washed out look you could add some water by using a paint brush . They liked the colours bright so they did not add any water. The coffee filters were pretty wet from all the dabbing  so I sped up the drying with a blow dryer ( not my idea but a blogger does it to speed up the drying of paint. It works great) .  Oncee dried they decided they wanted to add glitter . The glitter made everything wet again but I fixed that with the blow dryer once again . If you decide to do this , it would be better to add the glitter after the painting .  Glitter was not part of the plan for this project but it but my littles buddies insisted .

I folded the dry coffee filters and I held the filters while they cut them up . My buddies can use scissors but  a little help from me was needed .    We were very proud of these pretty snow flakes and the glitter made them extra special.


Till next time !


play dough mayhem

Hello !
It was sure Monday today . Started back to work today from Christmas holidays . I missed the little ones so much . I just had a few tears from one little guy when his mamma left ( it can be a tough transition for the little one coming back from holidays ). The crying came to a halt when I asked him if he wanted to make play dough with me.

I make my dough . It is more cost effective for me running a day home . Last night I went to the corner store to get cream of tartar . I use it to make the play dough . I prefer using it , I have tried other rrecipes that do not have it and I did not like them At All. ¬†Guess what happened when I got to the store? Yep they were out of it ( just my luck) ! I was not going to to another store ( it was -30degrees and I was tired ). I went back home, ¬†got out my new tablet I got for Christmas from my hubby and googled a recipe for play dough without the cream of tartar). I found a recipe I liked , it uses vinegar in ¬†place of the cream of tartar ¬†. ¬†This recipe can be found at ( I love the name of this blog !) The little one who was sad helped me with ¬†the dough and it was made very quickly. The little ones were at the table making cookies ,snow men ,cakes and snakes. ¬†They were playing with it for over an hour . Play dough is one of my favorite activities for the kids to do . It is so versatile . I really liked it today caused it kept them occupied while I made lunch. ¬† This recipe will be made a again when I’m out of cream of tartar. I do recommend this one.

Till next time


Hello 2014!

Happy New year!

This last year went by in the flash! When you have kids, years get faster and faster. I had two of my little buddies yesterday . The parents had things to do so they dropped off their kids . I missed them so much . My little dog Maggie ( she is my assistant ;))was bouncing of the ceilings when they came . It was sooo cute.

I did an awesome activity with one of my buddies . I got this idea from It is called foam snow painting( I think that is what is called ).
Here are the supplies:

1. Shaving cream ( use a cheap brand . I used equate from Wal-Mart)

2. School glue( I used Elmer’s )
Glitter and food colouring .

I mixed equal parts of shaving cream and glue ( I eyeballed it ) . It is like marshmallow fluff. I had to mix some glitter ( my little buddie insisted). I had cut some pieces of cardboard for us to paint on. We used paintbrushes but it was easier to put it on with our hands . We also discovered that using a plastic fork was good for spreading it. We decided to do snowmen and we had to get some buttons , googly eyes , orange felt and pipe cleaners . Here are some picturesimage

This a great activity for the little ones . This would be a great idea to do with grandchildren , nieces and nephews. You could put your own spin on it . After we were finished with our snow men , we did some free style work. I got our the food colouring and we mixed up some colours . My little buddy was pretending she was making cakes with the stuff . Here are some pictures:)imageYou need to try this out and check out Greenowlart for more details . Have a great new year everyone and create memories with your little blessing !