Hello 2014!

Happy New year!

This last year went by in the flash! When you have kids, years get faster and faster. I had two of my little buddies yesterday . The parents had things to do so they dropped off their kids . I missed them so much . My little dog Maggie ( she is my assistant ;))was bouncing of the ceilings when they came . It was sooo cute.

I did an awesome activity with one of my buddies . I got this idea from Greenowlart.blogspot.com. It is called foam snow painting( I think that is what is called ).
Here are the supplies:

1. Shaving cream ( use a cheap brand . I used equate from Wal-Mart)

2. School glue( I used Elmer’s )
Glitter and food colouring .

I mixed equal parts of shaving cream and glue ( I eyeballed it ) . It is like marshmallow fluff. I had to mix some glitter ( my little buddie insisted). I had cut some pieces of cardboard for us to paint on. We used paintbrushes but it was easier to put it on with our hands . We also discovered that using a plastic fork was good for spreading it. We decided to do snowmen and we had to get some buttons , googly eyes , orange felt and pipe cleaners . Here are some picturesimage

This a great activity for the little ones . This would be a great idea to do with grandchildren , nieces and nephews. You could put your own spin on it . After we were finished with our snow men , we did some free style work. I got our the food colouring and we mixed up some colours . My little buddy was pretending she was making cakes with the stuff . Here are some pictures:)imageYou need to try this out and check out Greenowlart for more details . Have a great new year everyone and create memories with your little blessing !


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