play dough mayhem

Hello !
It was sure Monday today . Started back to work today from Christmas holidays . I missed the little ones so much . I just had a few tears from one little guy when his mamma left ( it can be a tough transition for the little one coming back from holidays ). The crying came to a halt when I asked him if he wanted to make play dough with me.

I make my dough . It is more cost effective for me running a day home . Last night I went to the corner store to get cream of tartar . I use it to make the play dough . I prefer using it , I have tried other rrecipes that do not have it and I did not like them At All.  Guess what happened when I got to the store? Yep they were out of it ( just my luck) ! I was not going to to another store ( it was -30degrees and I was tired ). I went back home,  got out my new tablet I got for Christmas from my hubby and googled a recipe for play dough without the cream of tartar). I found a recipe I liked , it uses vinegar in  place of the cream of tartar  .  This recipe can be found at ( I love the name of this blog !) The little one who was sad helped me with  the dough and it was made very quickly. The little ones were at the table making cookies ,snow men ,cakes and snakes.  They were playing with it for over an hour . Play dough is one of my favorite activities for the kids to do . It is so versatile . I really liked it today caused it kept them occupied while I made lunch.   This recipe will be made a again when I’m out of cream of tartar. I do recommend this one.

Till next time



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