imageHello! We did a great craft yesterday! This craft is easy and would brighten up a dull winter day .  I have seen  these snowflakes on Pinterest a lot .  They looked so pretty and cute I thought the kids would love to do them .

What we used:

coffee filters

Dabbers ( like bingo Dabbers ) we used the Dabbers because the kids love using them .


glitter glue ( this is optional , I have kids that can not do a craft without using it .  A little glitter  brightens everything up anyways )

The kids dabbed the paper heavily so the coloured bled a bit . They enjoyed when the colours mixed together . To get a more washed out look you could add some water by using a paint brush . They liked the colours bright so they did not add any water. The coffee filters were pretty wet from all the dabbing  so I sped up the drying with a blow dryer ( not my idea but a blogger does it to speed up the drying of paint. It works great) .  Oncee dried they decided they wanted to add glitter . The glitter made everything wet again but I fixed that with the blow dryer once again . If you decide to do this , it would be better to add the glitter after the painting .  Glitter was not part of the plan for this project but it but my littles buddies insisted .

I folded the dry coffee filters and I held the filters while they cut them up . My buddies can use scissors but  a little help from me was needed .    We were very proud of these pretty snow flakes and the glitter made them extra special.


Till next time !



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