Feeling the love for Valentines

Hello 🙂
Boy a week goes by fast. We all been stuck in the house and I think we are ( mainly me lol ) getting a little bit of cabin fever . It happens when you live in Saskatchewan, Canada. Just because a person can not enjoy the great outdoors does not mean you can not have fun . I have been busy with the kiddos with different activities . This is time of year when you are seeing hearts in all shapes and sizes of pink and red. We have been doing valentines cards , paper plate heart wreath and crayon art heart wall hangings ( inspired from>Happyhooligans.ca) Today I want to share a cute little heart wreath made out of paper plates. These will be perfect to make for a play date , or just because . Just check out how cute these are !imageThese are super simple and fun to make. I had six kiddos at my dayhome when we made these(ages 2through 6 ) and they all loved them .

Materials are :

Paper plates ( purchased mine at dollerama)
Tissue paper cut in one to two inch squares ( pink , purple and red
Tacky glue
Glue stick
Glitter glue
Jewelled hearts or gems
Hole punch and yarn or ribbon

I cut the heart shape out a head of time , but older kids can do this . Take your glue stick and put it on the paper plate and then put on the tissue paper . Do this till the heart is covered with tissue paper. Next is the glitter glue . My two yearolds could squeeze the glitter on the heart and spread it with a paint brush . Then glue on hearts ( I used Elmer’s tacky glue ) . Punch out the hole with a hole puncher and add yarn or ribbon to hang it up . That is it , easy peasy.

Till next time dear



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