Happy Valentines day!

Hello Everyone!
I have been meaning to post earlier this week but I got sick over the weekend and closed my dayhome for two days to rest . I’m glad that I spread out my valentine crafts and activities over the past three weeks .

This morning we made Chocolate play dough . I came across chocolate play dough recipe over a year ago on Learning4kids.net . I meant to make it many times , but I get distracted on wanting to try something else out. Well I did it today and I must say it sure was a hit . Play dough has always been a favorite thing at my day home , but when you put Cocoa powder and glitter and vanilla flavouring in it , it’s makes it so much more special . I had kids 18 months to age seven and they played with it for two hours . The 18 month old kept smelling it and saying to me “Cookies” ! It did really smell good . The oldest one said it smelled like chocolate cake ! I set out cookies cutters , buttons, faux gems and sequins. A few weeks ago I bought a heart-shaped box of chocolates and ate most of them( my family had a few ). I bought the chocolates so I could have the box for this activity . I got the idea from The Imagination tree . image
I’m sure glad I kept the box. The children were delighted to fill it and decorate the “chocolates “. Thanks Imagination Tree for the idea!
We made a cute card yesterday . I saw something similar on Pinterest and I do not know who did it . I apologize that I can not give the thanks to . It’s a butterfly with heart-shaped doily wings and the body the shape of a child’s foot . The thing was I could not find any heart-shaped doilies in my small city , so I did what any woman would do , I made my own heart shaped doilies . I used a hole punch and cut out tiny heart shapes all over . The kids did the rest . I think they turned out pretty adorable . image

Today I had some kids that did not take part of all my activities and valentine crafts from the past few weeks so they made some last-minute ones . They made their moms in no time at all , but they were wanting to make some thing for dad that was suitable for him. I asked what things does your Dad like and they said “Star Wars ”
. So this what we came up with( thanks to Pinterest ;))image

I hope you had a great Valentines Day ! I sure did !

Till next Time !


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