Rainbows and shamrocks !

Hello everyone !

We are all about rainbows at my house . We have done our share with snow men activities, but things need some brightening up. We still have snow in Swift Current Saskatchewan , Canada . I’m sick of the snow and I have decided to brighten things up with rainbows . I’m doing a craft challenge with lovely Uk bloggers Called #Get your craft on. They do a challenge every month and this months challenge is St Patrick’s Day! I have decided to do a shamrock pin( you can use it for whatever you wish). I like the history of the shamrock . St Patrick used it as a tool to teach the Irish of the Holy Trinity. I have not done this craft yet with the kids yet. The one shown is just my sample . Children ages from 2 and up should be able to this craft with some assistance . I got this idea from a craft magazine called “Kids Crafts 123”. The pin was of hearts . Here is a photo of the shamrock pin image
I think it turned out pretty cute ! They are pretty simple and quick . They are made out of cupcake liners . This is what you will need image
School glue or a good quality glue stick

Mini cupcake liners ( you could use the regular size but it will result in a bigger pin)

Shamrock stickers

Glitter glue ( optional but the little ones like it at my house ).

Dabbers like you use for bingo ( you could use water colours or other paint that you have on hand)

Safety pin or magnet ( if you want to put it on the fridge)

Take your cupcake liners and flatten them . Colour each liner a different colour ( red,orange,yellow,green, blue and purple) . I did shaped them with scissors and punched holes in them( you do not have to do this ). Stack the liners in order of the rainbow, putting glue between each liner . Put a shamrock sticker on top . The last thing is to attach the pin in the back. That is it ! Easy peasy ! I have more things to show you but I will leave it till next time !

Till we meet again !



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