Paper Easter Egg decoration

Easter egg craft
Hello everyone !
I have been a little late in posting this week but we have a good excuse . Really! The weather has been decent so we have been taking advantage of the outdoors and playing in the park . A person never knows when it will SNOW again. Yes you heard me right , it snowed yesterday but not a lot .

Today I am going to share with you a easter craft. As you can see in the picture above it is pretty simple and quick. My little ones that I care for love to paint and love trying different things that involve paint . I’m sure you have seen something simular in other blogs . The materials are pretty basic acrylic paint ( tempera paints can work),thin card board cut into a egg shape (I got lazy and bought egg shape card board at Micheals)and wax paper ( you can use plastic wrap as well, it would end up a little differently but still worth it to try it).

Take your egg shape and get your paint colours you want to use. I let the little ones pick their own colours . Have the little ones squirt the paint lightly on the paper. Use different colours randomly . Once you are finished with it get your wax paper( it should be bigger than the egg shape). Place the paper over the paint . This is the part that the little ones like . Press the paint with the paper and move the paint around with your fingers . Make sure the paint covers the whole egg. Now lift up the wax paper to reveal your design of your egg . The little ones loved them and prepare to do a lot of them . My smallest one was 20 months and had a blast with it . Once dried punch a hole on the top of the egg and put some string or ribbon through the hole so you can hang it up or you can make it into a bunting if you have made several eggs . If you have not tried something simular , you should try it !

Paper Easter craft

Paper Easter craft

Have a great week!



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