We are Getting Our Craft On with Valentines

Hello ! Good Evening!

It’s still pretty cold out here in Swift Current, Saskatchewan , Canada . Today it is not as cold as it has been but it was – 25 Celsius , still too cold for the little ones to be outside . We have been keeping busy playing hide n seek ,dancing and musical pillows( our version of musical chairs). We also have been doing lots of crafting . We have been doing lots of valentine crafts . I have discovered that the little ones like making valentine cards. Here is one I’m going to share for #GetYourCraftOn. It’s a Facebook group with fellow crafters . image</a
This card involves the little one favorite thing , Painting ! Two weeks ago I made some liquid water paints from dried out markers and they loved them . This card involves oil pastel and watercolour resist that the little ones discovered last week . They were excited to make the heart appear when you add the water-colour
We used watercolour paper and I cut the paper into quarters and folded them in half . The little ones wanted me draw their hearts on with white oil pastel ( the little ones are not able to do their own ). Now is the fun part the little ones started to paint and make their hearts appear.image
As you can tell they enjoyed it . The picture above is of my little niece who will be two on Valentines Day! . She loved making the card but she was more interested in painting the scrap piece of paper under it ! The most important thing is that she was having fun. I hope to put more of the crafts we have been doing . This blog adventure has been a little challenge . I have been trying to figure out all terminology . I apologize for the lack of knowledge of setting is post up , but I’m trying 🙂

Till next time !:)