Happy Belated Birthday Dr Seuss !

Happy Monday !

I can not believe it is March. That means spring is just around the corner . It does not feel like it though . On the first of March it was minus 37 degrees Celsius . I keep on telling myself that this frigid cold weather will be over soon.

Being stuck in the house for months at a time is not fun, but I do keep the little ones busy with different activities . This past week we have been reading Dr Seuss books . I found out On Facebook that it was his birthday was on March 2 (Sunday ). The thing was I did not have Dr Seuss books! How did this happen ? Well as you know I have three teen age children ages 19, 18 and 15. I did have Dr Seuss books and the kids loved them . Their most favorite was Green Eggs and Ham. I remember reading over and over again. I could read that book in my sleep. When the children got older I gave all my children’s books away to friends and family . Now ten years later I’m bookless . I ask one of my dayhome kids mother who is an elementary school teacher if she had any Dr Seuss books I could borrow for a week . She did bring me two books from her school library. The books were Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat In The Hat. Guess which book they liked the best . You guessed right! Green Eggs and Ham. Today we did do a little craft in honour of their favorite Dr Seuss book. I will not give the how to for this craft because it is easy to figure out and besides it is on Pinterest every where. Here is a Picture!image
After they finished they took their little creations to the Play Kitchen were “cooking” the green eggs and ham . It was so cute ! They would give me the plate of the green eggs and ham . I would say I do not like them Sam I am and one replied ” Try them and you may I say” . I love reading to kids ! Till next time