My blog update!

Hello Everyone!
I m writing this post about how this blogging journey I started in the beginning of December 2013. I have wanted to blog on what I loved to do . I have a blog from 4 years ago,that is basically a journal of my day-to-day life. I do not post on it anymore . On this blog , it is about me being back at home and running a day home . I do have three teenage children age 19 ,18,and 15 . When people ask me what I’m doing now , I say” I am back at home running a dayhome” . They look at me strangely and say why would you do that ? Your kids are practically grown up ! Well I say ” because I love looking after children” . This is not the first time I looked after children . I started when my oldest was 10 months old and I also was 4 months pregnant with my second . I did it for almost two years and quit when we had to move out-of-town. I went back to looking after children almost two years ago . I love it!

I think being at home when your kids are teenagers is important ( I know not everyone can do this) . They need you more emotionally than when they were younger. I just wished I would have left the office sooner so my oldest could have benefitted from me being at home . Doing this blog has been gutsy because I do not know what I’m doing . I started this blog kind of prematurely. I should have at least of researched on how to blog . I am determined to figure this all out and learn as I go . Just bear with me and I will get it. This blog will have children’s activities,crafts ,recipes and thoughts of motherhood . I plan to have another post later this week !

Till next time !