Valentines is only a week away

Hello Everyone!

Well it is a Friday night and I am at home . I was out earlier with my husband for supper. We went to out to our favorite restaurant and had curry . Yummy . Then we went back home to relax in front of the T.V.

The rest of this week was still too cold to take out the kids outside to play. There is always something for them to do. As you may know already that the little kiddos have been making Valentine decorations and cards. They also discovered that drawings pictures on a big roll of paper is really fun . I got this idea from If you are looking for simple play ideas go check them out . image
The picture shown is of the drawing the kids did . They love doing this and we have been colouring on the floor all week . It is frugal fun for the kids . We have been baking this week as well . What kid does not like home-baked treats . We made Rice Krispies Cake( Gluten Free) , Chocolate chips cookies( Gluten Free) and we make marshmallow pops that every body is making on the internet lately .

We made more Valentine cards ( the little one love making them ) . Here is a picture!image
I call them Wild For You Hearts . We imageare going to glue them in Card stock . The kids loved ripping the tape and putting it on. I used a designed masking tape I purchase at the dollar store. I still want to but the ever famous Washi tape , but I live in a really small city that does not have much .

I have one last little craft for you to share . It is a collage made of hearts . My little buddy and I used a paper plate that we painted in pink and purple. I had a big stack of the kids watercolour paintings that I was keeping for something . The cut the paintings into hearts . My little buddy glued the hearts on to the plate . We finished it off with a sprinkle of glitter ( glitter always seems to be apart of our projects ) here is a picture image
I think it my little buddy did an awesome job! I hope some of these ideas might spark your interest . I hopefully will show more valentine crafts and activities before Tuesday but I’m not promising anything . The women who blog sure make it look easy . I’m stumbling through it that’s for sure . I know one day everything will click together . These crafts that I show are ideas I have seen . I do not claim that the ideas are my own they are my twist on the things I see . If I know for sure where I have seen an idea I will give credit to that blog or site . I have seen so much stuff out there that I do not always remember where I have seen it . I hope that makes sense to you all . Well I better turn in because it is 12:15 Saturday morning ! Nighty night:)

Till next time