Wonderful daffodil craft!

Hello all!
I was going through some of my books that a bought second-hand and I found this book. It suited us because we have had a long cold winter. I started reading this to the kids last week . They loved the book because it is like what we are going through right now . It is so gloomy and white with snow and the kids missing being outside all the time. In the Book Big bird is missing the spring time activities , he bought his favourite flowers to brighten up his day . After reading this book we decided to bring spring too . Yesterday we made daffodils . The little one were so cute painting the flowers . image
These are not hard to do . I cut petals out of yellow card stock ( older kids can do this, I did this to save time ) . I glued them together as well. I had my 3 yr old Dayhome child have glue them as well . Once dry , we painted them yellow ( you do not need to this , but it gives them a nice look). We flattened mini cupcake liners and painted them yellow . Once everything is dry we glued the yellow cupcake liner to the center ( the center of the daffodil is called the trumpet I think ) . We painted a craft stick green for the stem , once dry we glued to the flower . They turned out pretty cute I think . After finishing the craft, little Miss 3 wanted to make roses cause there where roses in the book . Guess what ? We made those today ! I’m thinking we will be making all the flowers that where in the book . I will post the roses next time .

Till next time!