Easter bunny egg decoration

Hi there! Here is my cute little decoration I created to hang on a tree for easter . I thought the little ones in my dayhome would love it. I have not hung easter decorations on a tree before ,but I have seen many blogs that have done so . So I said to myself “why not? The kids would enjoy it!”. I would say children as young as three could do this , but you can adapt this craft for younger than three .


Tissue paper (any colour you desire, I like the bright blue which I purchased at the dollar store.

Styrofoam eggs( you can used blown eggs)

Modgepodge(you can use watered down glue )

One and a half Pipe cleaners ( colour of choice )

Googly eyes

Pom pom ( colour of choice , could be boughten or made)

Felt or craft foam( cut into a circle for nose and for the teeth)

Tacky glue or a glue gun

Paint brush

To make things easier for you and your young crafters get a a paper clip end and poke it the egg or I used a pipe cleaner folded in half that measures about 2 centimetres and poke it on the top of the egg and twist it into the egg you should be able to hold on to the egg that way . This way you can add the modge podge and tissue paper without getting your hands sticky. Get your other pipe cleaner cut it in half . Fold your halves in half again and make ears for the bunny. To attach the ears , poke it in the egg close to where you have your other pipe cleaner . Really get them in there. To get the tissue paper pick it up with your paintbrush . The glue on your brush will pick up the tissue paper with out getting your hands sticky. My little buddies can do this little trick . Add the tissue paper on till it is covered. Let it dry overnight or use a hair blower if you are impatient like me . Use your tacky glue or glue gun to put on the eyes,nose, teeth and Pom Pom ( which goes on the back ). Get a piece of yarn or fishing line to put through the tiny hole on the pipe cleaner on top of the egg . Once everything is dry hang the egg on a easter tree or a plant in my case because I do not have one yet. You may gave noticed I have no whiskers but I did not have the fishing line that I was going to use . This is my sample craft. I will be making more eggs to hang on the tree in the next couple weeks . Stay tuned.

Till next time