Keeping it simple

Hi there !

It has been awhile since my last post . I had my two week reminder in my email that it is time to do another post. I have been doing lots but I had not spared the time to sit down to write . It has been almost 5 months since I started this blog and I have gotten overwhelmed by it all. I start to compare myself to everyone else that does it . I have a hard time committing to even once a week as you know . You bloggers sure make it easy . I guess I should of figured out the technology of running a blog before getting involved in it . I have to confess though I am a dive in kind of girl and just go with it . I do expect highly of myself ( but I think every woman does). I started this blog to share my thought and activities that I do with the children in my care . I also want to reach women as well.

I apologize that is a wordy mess . I would like to say is that I need to not to sweat the small stuff and to cut the crap. I need Stop comparing myself to what others are doing and focus on the simple things.

I apologize for not making sense . I have been busy and just taking one thing at a time . I have been doing simple things with the little ones . The weather is starting to get nice so we are going outside and explore more . Painting is another thing we do a lot of and we seem to do something different each time . Playdough is another thing is something we do lots . I can not seem to keep flour and salt in my house because I am always making a new batch if play dough . My goal is too be more committed in documenting more regular . I will also like to mention I do have a Facebook page on my blog . I would love to invite you to come on by and check us out. I do post on Facebook regularly . Thanks for visiting my blog and liking it .

Bye for now

Tricia Campbell