Spring is here! Finally

Hello everyone !
Sorry for not blogging for the last two weeks ! Here in Saskatchewan spring has been late this year. The last two weeks the weather has been mostly nice and that means that Tricia takes her little buddies to the park. That is why I have not been posting any crafts or activities . We are just having fun being outside . Most mornings we go to the park close to my place and play on the play structure and go hunting for ladybugs and ants .
After we have our lunch we go back outside for more park time . I have finally have planted some of my flowers outside so hopefully we do not get frost . It does happen over here .

Looking for bugs

Looking for bugs

Well that is all for now peeps ! Have a great day !

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The very busy spider craft

Hi there!
I am about a month late with this craft , but better late than never . We did this craft when there was still snow outside so not very fitting. We read Eric Carle’s book The Very Busy Spider and the kids loved it so much they had to make their own spider. They were talking all about the book as they were making it . I loved listening to them re-tell the story . If you have not read the book to your kids then you should . Expect to read the book often because you have to read over and over . Here is what our busy spider looked like . Very busy spider Very busy spider[/caption
It is quite simple . I used mini paper plates from the dollar store and cut a smaller circle our bristle board and stapled the circle to the plate. We used orange and green and yellow tissue paper and glued it on for the body is the spider . We used green tissue paper for the head of the spider. We used these colours because we wanted our spider to look like the very busy spider in the book. It was a very fun craft to do and a very inexpensive craft to do . I purchased all the supplies at Dollarama . Here is some more pictures of the cute little spiders image
I have had a mother tell me her little one plays with his busy spider quite a bit . I thought that was cute .
Bye everyone !

Happy creating !

Keeping it simple

Hi there !

It has been awhile since my last post . I had my two week reminder in my email that it is time to do another post. I have been doing lots but I had not spared the time to sit down to write . It has been almost 5 months since I started this blog and I have gotten overwhelmed by it all. I start to compare myself to everyone else that does it . I have a hard time committing to even once a week as you know . You bloggers sure make it easy . I guess I should of figured out the technology of running a blog before getting involved in it . I have to confess though I am a dive in kind of girl and just go with it . I do expect highly of myself ( but I think every woman does). I started this blog to share my thought and activities that I do with the children in my care . I also want to reach women as well.

I apologize that is a wordy mess . I would like to say is that I need to not to sweat the small stuff and to cut the crap. I need Stop comparing myself to what others are doing and focus on the simple things.

I apologize for not making sense . I have been busy and just taking one thing at a time . I have been doing simple things with the little ones . The weather is starting to get nice so we are going outside and explore more . Painting is another thing we do a lot of and we seem to do something different each time . Playdough is another thing is something we do lots . I can not seem to keep flour and salt in my house because I am always making a new batch if play dough . My goal is too be more committed in documenting more regular . I will also like to mention I do have a Facebook page on my blog . I would love to invite you to come on by and check us out. I do post on Facebook regularly . Thanks for visiting my blog and liking it .

Bye for now

Tricia Campbell

Paper Easter Egg decoration

Easter egg craft
Hello everyone !
I have been a little late in posting this week but we have a good excuse . Really! The weather has been decent so we have been taking advantage of the outdoors and playing in the park . A person never knows when it will SNOW again. Yes you heard me right , it snowed yesterday but not a lot .

Today I am going to share with you a easter craft. As you can see in the picture above it is pretty simple and quick. My little ones that I care for love to paint and love trying different things that involve paint . I’m sure you have seen something simular in other blogs . The materials are pretty basic acrylic paint ( tempera paints can work),thin card board cut into a egg shape (I got lazy and bought egg shape card board at Micheals)and wax paper ( you can use plastic wrap as well, it would end up a little differently but still worth it to try it).

Take your egg shape and get your paint colours you want to use. I let the little ones pick their own colours . Have the little ones squirt the paint lightly on the paper. Use different colours randomly . Once you are finished with it get your wax paper( it should be bigger than the egg shape). Place the paper over the paint . This is the part that the little ones like . Press the paint with the paper and move the paint around with your fingers . Make sure the paint covers the whole egg. Now lift up the wax paper to reveal your design of your egg . The little ones loved them and prepare to do a lot of them . My smallest one was 20 months and had a blast with it . Once dried punch a hole on the top of the egg and put some string or ribbon through the hole so you can hang it up or you can make it into a bunting if you have made several eggs . If you have not tried something simular , you should try it !

Paper Easter craft

Paper Easter craft

Have a great week!


Easter bunny egg decoration

Hi there! Here is my cute little decoration I created to hang on a tree for easter . I thought the little ones in my dayhome would love it. I have not hung easter decorations on a tree before ,but I have seen many blogs that have done so . So I said to myself “why not? The kids would enjoy it!”. I would say children as young as three could do this , but you can adapt this craft for younger than three .


Tissue paper (any colour you desire, I like the bright blue which I purchased at the dollar store.

Styrofoam eggs( you can used blown eggs)

Modgepodge(you can use watered down glue )

One and a half Pipe cleaners ( colour of choice )

Googly eyes

Pom pom ( colour of choice , could be boughten or made)

Felt or craft foam( cut into a circle for nose and for the teeth)

Tacky glue or a glue gun

Paint brush

To make things easier for you and your young crafters get a a paper clip end and poke it the egg or I used a pipe cleaner folded in half that measures about 2 centimetres and poke it on the top of the egg and twist it into the egg you should be able to hold on to the egg that way . This way you can add the modge podge and tissue paper without getting your hands sticky. Get your other pipe cleaner cut it in half . Fold your halves in half again and make ears for the bunny. To attach the ears , poke it in the egg close to where you have your other pipe cleaner . Really get them in there. To get the tissue paper pick it up with your paintbrush . The glue on your brush will pick up the tissue paper with out getting your hands sticky. My little buddies can do this little trick . Add the tissue paper on till it is covered. Let it dry overnight or use a hair blower if you are impatient like me . Use your tacky glue or glue gun to put on the eyes,nose, teeth and Pom Pom ( which goes on the back ). Get a piece of yarn or fishing line to put through the tiny hole on the pipe cleaner on top of the egg . Once everything is dry hang the egg on a easter tree or a plant in my case because I do not have one yet. You may gave noticed I have no whiskers but I did not have the fishing line that I was going to use . This is my sample craft. I will be making more eggs to hang on the tree in the next couple weeks . Stay tuned.

Till next time


Happy Monday!

Hello everyone!
I have no pictures to show you or crafts either. There is never a dull moment at the Campbell household. We have been playing with a lot of play dough lately . We have tried edible peanut butter play dough , chocolate play dough (still leftover from valentines day )and rainbow play dough in honor of St Patrick’s day!

I hope to have a post later this week with Some Easter crafts. I know it is early but I do have some ideas I would like to share . Have a wonderful week .


Wonderful daffodil craft!

Hello all!
I was going through some of my books that a bought second-hand and I found this book. It suited us because we have had a long cold winter. I started reading this to the kids last week . They loved the book because it is like what we are going through right now . It is so gloomy and white with snow and the kids missing being outside all the time. In the Book Big bird is missing the spring time activities , he bought his favourite flowers to brighten up his day . After reading this book we decided to bring spring too . Yesterday we made daffodils . The little one were so cute painting the flowers . image
These are not hard to do . I cut petals out of yellow card stock ( older kids can do this, I did this to save time ) . I glued them together as well. I had my 3 yr old Dayhome child have glue them as well . Once dry , we painted them yellow ( you do not need to this , but it gives them a nice look). We flattened mini cupcake liners and painted them yellow . Once everything is dry we glued the yellow cupcake liner to the center ( the center of the daffodil is called the trumpet I think ) . We painted a craft stick green for the stem , once dry we glued to the flower . They turned out pretty cute I think . After finishing the craft, little Miss 3 wanted to make roses cause there where roses in the book . Guess what ? We made those today ! I’m thinking we will be making all the flowers that where in the book . I will post the roses next time .

Till next time!


Happy Belated Birthday Dr Seuss !

Happy Monday !

I can not believe it is March. That means spring is just around the corner . It does not feel like it though . On the first of March it was minus 37 degrees Celsius . I keep on telling myself that this frigid cold weather will be over soon.

Being stuck in the house for months at a time is not fun, but I do keep the little ones busy with different activities . This past week we have been reading Dr Seuss books . I found out On Facebook that it was his birthday was on March 2 (Sunday ). The thing was I did not have Dr Seuss books! How did this happen ? Well as you know I have three teen age children ages 19, 18 and 15. I did have Dr Seuss books and the kids loved them . Their most favorite was Green Eggs and Ham. I remember reading over and over again. I could read that book in my sleep. When the children got older I gave all my children’s books away to friends and family . Now ten years later I’m bookless . I ask one of my dayhome kids mother who is an elementary school teacher if she had any Dr Seuss books I could borrow for a week . She did bring me two books from her school library. The books were Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat In The Hat. Guess which book they liked the best . You guessed right! Green Eggs and Ham. Today we did do a little craft in honour of their favorite Dr Seuss book. I will not give the how to for this craft because it is easy to figure out and besides it is on Pinterest every where. Here is a Picture!image
After they finished they took their little creations to the Play Kitchen were “cooking” the green eggs and ham . It was so cute ! They would give me the plate of the green eggs and ham . I would say I do not like them Sam I am and one replied ” Try them and you may I say” . I love reading to kids ! Till next time


Rainbows and shamrocks !

Hello everyone !

We are all about rainbows at my house . We have done our share with snow men activities, but things need some brightening up. We still have snow in Swift Current Saskatchewan , Canada . I’m sick of the snow and I have decided to brighten things up with rainbows . I’m doing a craft challenge with lovely Uk bloggers Called #Get your craft on. They do a challenge every month and this months challenge is St Patrick’s Day! I have decided to do a shamrock pin( you can use it for whatever you wish). I like the history of the shamrock . St Patrick used it as a tool to teach the Irish of the Holy Trinity. I have not done this craft yet with the kids yet. The one shown is just my sample . Children ages from 2 and up should be able to this craft with some assistance . I got this idea from a craft magazine called “Kids Crafts 123”. The pin was of hearts . Here is a photo of the shamrock pin image
I think it turned out pretty cute ! They are pretty simple and quick . They are made out of cupcake liners . This is what you will need image
School glue or a good quality glue stick

Mini cupcake liners ( you could use the regular size but it will result in a bigger pin)

Shamrock stickers

Glitter glue ( optional but the little ones like it at my house ).

Dabbers like you use for bingo ( you could use water colours or other paint that you have on hand)

Safety pin or magnet ( if you want to put it on the fridge)

Take your cupcake liners and flatten them . Colour each liner a different colour ( red,orange,yellow,green, blue and purple) . I did shaped them with scissors and punched holes in them( you do not have to do this ). Stack the liners in order of the rainbow, putting glue between each liner . Put a shamrock sticker on top . The last thing is to attach the pin in the back. That is it ! Easy peasy ! I have more things to show you but I will leave it till next time !

Till we meet again !


Happy Friday !

Hello everyone !
It has been a quiet week in the Campbell household . It was school break this week , which means I had few kids in my dayhome . We managed to get outside for a little walk. We had fun stomping in the snow .

I am looking forward in seeing all the little ones next week . We will be making Rainbows and learning the colours that make up the rainbow . I am also in a craft challenge with other bloggers. It’s called Get Your Craft on . Every month they do a themed craft challenge . The theme for this month is St Patricks day ! I decided I’m going to do it . I have been brainstorming on what to do . I do have a few ideas and I will keep you posted on what I create . Good Bye for Now !